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FEBRUARY 26, 2015

Right to Strike Re-affirmed at ILO

A breakthrough has been made at the International Labour Organization following two years during which employers at the International Labour Organization brought the UN body’s global supervisory system to a standstill, in an attempt to eliminate decades of ILO jurisprudence supporting the right to strike.

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FEBRUARY 19, 2015

Proof That High Costs Don’t Always Equal Quality Services

Radio-Canada’s report on Résidence le Sunrise in Fontainebleau, Blainville, revealed an absolutely scandalous, although not all that surprising, situation. Once again, the government is only easing its conscience with a certification system for private seniors’ residences. In fact, residence owners don’t bother applying the standards, because they will never be visited by government inspectors,” said Jean-Pierre Ouellet, president of the Syndicat québécois des employées et employés de service (FTQ).

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FEBRUARY 12, 2015

The Delage Report Confirms What We Have Been Saying for Years

Jean-Pierre Ouellet, president of the Syndicat québécois des employées et employés de service, was disheartened to hear that Coroner Delage has reached the conclusion that the tragic fire at Résidence du Havre de L’Isle-Verte could have been avoided.

“We have been demanding stricter standards for private residences for years. It is true that there are now more stringent certification requirements, but the government is still putting off their implementation under pressure from residence owners who want to avoid investing that much money. Too often, they end up not investing at all in their buildings or their staff. If we want to prevent another tragedy, it’s time the government starts taking the problem more seriously,” said Ouellet.

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FEBRUARY 12, 2015

The SQEES-298 (FTQ) Says Goodbye to Brother Jean-Pierre Ouellet

Jean-Pierre Ouellet The Syndicat québécois des employées et employés de service, section locale 298 (FTQ), conveys its heartfelt thanks to its President, Brother Jean-Pierre Ouellet, for his many years of service, and congratulates him on his appointment as Vice-President of Membership Development at the Fonds de solidarité FTQ.

Ouellet notified the SQEES-298 (FTQ)’s executive committee of his resignation, effective March 13.

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JANUARY 30, 2015

PSI joins Global Day of Action for the Right to Strike on 18 February 2015

The conflict on the right to strike and the crisis of the ILO’s supervisory mechanism persists. PSI is calling on all affiliates to join in the Global Day of Action, in cooperation with the ITUC and other global unions to defend and promote the right to strike.

All too often, the right to strike is denied to public sector workers, due to broad definitions of essential services and limitations to collective bargaining or the right to organize, while some governments commit outright violations of human and fundamental workers’ rights. Unions around the world have made use of the supervisory mechanisms of the ILO to fight such violations, protect workers and build a stronger union movement. In March 2015, the ILO Governing Body has to take a decision on the resolution of this conflict that has had a chilling effect on the ILO supervisory mechanism since 2012. If no agreement can be reached, PSI supports the referral to the International Court of Justice for an advisory opinion on the matter, as foreseen in the ILO Constitution.

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News from our membres

March 18, 2015

Port-Cartier Mobilizes

Montreal, March 18, 2015 -

Special collaboration by André Fleury, president of the regions division, SQEES-298 (FTQ) Executive Committee

On Sunday, March 15, the population of Port-Cartier took to the streets to make a clear statement that the retention premium is more important than ever for government employees working in Port-Cartier and Sept-Îles. Nearly 400 people rallied in front of the Port-Cartier tourism booth on Route 138.

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FEBRUARY 12, 2015

Long-Awaited Signing of a Collective Agreement in Matane

The Syndicat québécois des employées et employés de service (FTQ) is particularly proud to announce that workers at Services à domicile de la région de Matane signed a new collective agreement on February 5, 2015.

After a 40-day strike, the union and the non-profit organization providing home care in the Matane MRC reached an agreement in principle last November.

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DECEMBER 18, 2014

This Christmas, families want a government that cares about family issues

Once again this year, Santa will go from house to house to deliver presents to children in Quebec. But it appears that their parents won’t get what they asked for: accessible and affordable childcare services.

Reduced-contribution childcare services have been attacked from all sides since the Liberal government was elected: their funding and subsidies for families in disadvantaged areas have been cut, their surpluses commandeered by the government, new spaces compromised, rates increased.

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NOVEMBER 10, 2014

Employees of childcare centres represented by the SQEES-298 (FTQ)
Massive turnout at the “Toujours fous de nos enfants” demonstration to safeguard Quebec family policy in Montreal on November 9

In the wake of the “Toujours fous de nos enfants” rallies to safeguard Quebec family policy held throughout the province on Sunday, November 9, the Syndicat québécois des employées et employés de service, section locale 298 (FTQ), reiterates that it is imperative that the Quebec government preserve and strengthen Quebec family policy.

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OCTOBER 23, 2014

Real Victims of Reforms and Cuts in the Health and Social Services Sector

Members of the Syndicat québécois des employées et employés de service (FTQ) demonstrated today at noon in front of the offices of the Minister of Families and Minister responsible for Seniors, France Charbonneau, to protest the government’s attacks on the health and social services system, in particular Bill 10, which calls for the merger of health and social services establishments throughout Quebec.

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