Économie sociale

Home care services
In Quebec, almost 90% of seniors live at home. They are autonomous, but often require help with everyday tasks.

Social economy enterprises providing home care services employ thousands of workers who devote themselves to ensuring seniors’ well-being. Besides doing housekeeping tasks and outdoor work and preparing meals, these people also play the role of confidant, protector and friend.

While public services struggle to provide seniors with the necessary services, workers in these enterprises are devoted to ensuring our parents’ and grandparents’ comfort and serenity in conditions that are still far from acceptable.

These thousands of workers, the vast majority of them women, earn little more than minimum wage. They must travel to seniors’ homes and receive no support, no security and very little training.

In the coming years, the SQEES-298 (FTQ) will continue to be very active in the recruitment of members in this sector of activity, who are for the most part not unionized. We believe that we must help these thousands of workers negotiate better working conditions.